Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 336 - Dec 6th

iPhone pictures of the second job.

Towards the end of Saturday's shift, I decided to snap some photo's of a very busy day! These pallets are about half the toy freight brought in for the freight crew to work. An entire trailer full. We sell a lot of toys!

These are the stacks of pallets from Saturday nights freight. So this represents what was put out on the floor between close of business Saturday and 8pm on Sunday.

When we are outside working Christmas trees, there is a light breeze and it's 22 degrees, you have to do something to keep moving. Sweeping up pine needles gives you some motion between loading trees. It was COLD.

We sold a LOT of Christmas lights on Sunday. This is what one side of the aisle looked like at the end of the day. We literally could not even get into the aisle throughout most of the day. Whenever we had returns to put back on the shelf, we just put them in a shopping cart and parked them near the aisle. Then people picked through those. It's good! Sales were brisk and that's always good news.

Snuggies. Make fun of them if you wish but they are big sellers! I looked it up and in the last 14 days (which included Black Friday), we sold 397 at our little store. I think we originally received 8 full pallets or so. And this is all that's left.
Zhu Zhu hamsters! People go crazy over these. The hype has driven up the prices on eBay. We got in a little over 200 on Saturday night. This was the last one left. We limit people to 6 per person but a lot of people just came back for more. I truly hope at least some of them sold were for their kids and not someone to make a quick buck.

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