Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62 - Mar 3rd

I debated on showing this. Do I dare show my overweight, hairy chest to the world? Yeah, I owe my family that much. They need to know even if it turns out to be nothing. This picture is a cropping of a blurry iPhone pic taken by the nurse an hour or so ago. I cropped it to spare everyone seeing the rest of my bulk. And yeah, those are EKG wires. Didn't yank out too many hairs when they were done.

Last Tuesday mildly and last Wednesday more defined, I had some issues at FM during most of my shift. Chest pain, shortness of breath, sweaty, tingling in the arms, tightness of the jaw, elevated blood pressure and heart rate. They alleviated a lot once I was off work and changed out of the jeans.

It could be due to stress, it could be due to weight (I gained way too much over this Holiday season) and it could be cardiac. If it's the latter, we need to deal with it asap. The doctor laid it all out for me very succinctly and bluntly. So today I had blood work and an EKG. I have to go back for a fasting blood work then they are going to do some nuclear EKG or something where they inject me and look inside for areas of the heart not getting good blood flow.

Scary? Yeah. It is. I'm convinced it's weight and some minor artery blockage, but we'll await the results of the tests.

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