Monday, August 2, 2010

July 31st 2010

When I built the deck, I saved some scrap boards. I'm sure some of my neighbors wondered why I had a small stack of wood on my front porch, but I needed them to be outside but not get rained on, since I didn't waste any finish on it. I took those boards and drilled holes in them. Then laid them across the gaps and centered the anchor bolts with them. Poured the concrete underneath and so those scrap boards held the bolts at the proper height.

I also used a belt sander to round off the corners of the table. I found that my perfect little 45 degree angles caught peoples pants legs as they were sitting down. So round off they were - this is stage one. After Jill inspects it all, I'll put on finer sandpaper and finish it.

I also poured concrete in the center portion of the deck finally. I had gotten Jill some beads ( went with Christmas colors that also remind me of M&M's) and she made our "J-P" logo into the concrete. Jill came up with this symbol when she was just a sophomore in high school, so it's been part of our relationship for almost as long as we've been together!

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