Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 241 - Sept 2nd

Happy Birthday, my love! And to you Lindy! (for those that don't know, Jill and her sister are exactly one year apart in age). I wish you were with us on your birthday but I know your dad appreciates your presence there. I took a picture of your favorite type of flower today. The carnations are blooming on three of the plants right now.

I still remember the day vividly. I think it was February 1983. We had been dating about two months and I was talking with Sharon E. on the phone. She asked if I had gotten you flowers yet. Being completely clueless, I said "Why?" That's when I got a lesson by Sharon on what a woman wants. I'll be forever grateful for that! And when she told me that carnations were your favorite. I remember how awkward I felt holding them behind my back and how that awkwardness vanished the moment I saw how your eyes lit up when you saw them. It's a treasured memory for me and one I relive every time I bring home a bouquet for you.

Happy Birthday, precious one.

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