Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 261 - Sept 22nd

This week we have temperatures in the low to mid 80's. Probably the last really warm week of the year, if history is an indicator. So it's beautiful outside. Our cucumber plant (just ONE!) is STILL producing volumes of huge cukes. I don't think we've ever got this much produce off a single non-tomato plant. We must have harvested a dozen 12" or larger cucumbers and there are 8-9 of that size now still on the plant and several smaller ones. Intense!


Laura said...

Wow! What in the world are you doing with all those cucumbers? I've decided I'm not going to grow cucs next year - I seem to end up just wasting them for the most part. More room for tomatoes. Ha! :)

philnjill said...

We eat them! We do have a lot more eaters in our house than in yours :) We've given a few away, but eaten quite a few - in sandwiches, in salads and plain!