Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 281 - Oct 12th

Inspired by a poem by RebeccaRose

Pressed against the window glass,
I look upon the wild garden.
The summer sun illuminates the flowers,
As they stand tall and beautiful.
But amoungst the shrubbery I catch a glimpse of a bud,
still curled up and hiding away from world.
The season passes and autumn arrives,
Bringing with it the shimmering rain.
The garden becomes a golden wonderland,
And the subtle season colours flood in.
Once more I gaze upon garden,
And it is then I finally notice.
Out amoungst the shrubbery,
No longer cowers a bud.
Instead a radiant flower stands pround,
The deepest shade of red.
For it is now a single autumn rose,
A late bloomer.
When the garden was thriving,
It hid away, too afraid to emerge.
It was so small and delicate,
But all it needed was a little time.
Time was given,
And the bud became beautiful.

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