Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 295 - Oct 26th

I have decided to try a little night photography. My camera (a Pentax K10D) has a pretty darned good light sensor and lots of options. So coming home from work last night, I stopped by an alley. It was dark. I took my portable tripod and attached it, set the camera to Bulb mode and snapped a few pictures with the camera balanced on my hood. I didn't have my remote trigger so I just held down the button for random amounts of time. I was shocked by how much light came in. Below is how my eye saw the alley. But the moon was half full and there were street lights behind me. The below picture had an exposure time of .16 seconds. The above was 1.43 seconds. Amazing the amount of detail it picked up!

I look forward to a couple more nights of experiments.

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