Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 25 - Jan 25th

What is this, you ask? This is the temperature gauge for my grill. We paid $500 five years ago for this nice Weber Genesis Gold C grill. But it's been having a lot of trouble lately - the igniter is stuck, half the burners no longer work. I was considering buying a new one - we just put four models on clearance at FM and they are fantastic prices. But I decided to search online for the replacement parts to price compare to determine: repair or replace.

Except I couldn't find my manual. So I called Weber to see if they could send me an electronic copy or give me the part numbers. And BINGO! When I had purchased the grill, I had registered it with them. And it has a ten year warranty. The only part I needed not covered was the igniter. So for $19, they are sending me new parts to get it up and running.

A LOT better than buying a new grill!

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Laura said...

Hmmm, our old hand-me-down grill from Dad broke last summer so we're in the market for a new gas BBQ. Fantastic deals on clearance at FM?? Do tell!