Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - Jan 8th

Today's picture is a little different than I've ever posted. Some people know that for years - almost a decade now - I've done side work of taking product photography. A friend of mine, Jason, started a business in 2009 focused on two of his passions - which are reflected in the name of his company "Zombies & Toys". Jason recently came out with his first exclusive - a set of red glow in the dark little zombies from October Toys. He asked me to photograph them for him and I was happy to oblige. Then I created a four picture collage to show all their aspects. Glow in the darks used to pose a huge challenge to me until I experimented with manual focus, +2 exposure compensation, F8, 100 ISO and a good black light.

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zombies and toys said...

Incredible, Phil! I wish I would have waited to unveil them until after I sent them to you.

Thank you!