Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 63 - March 8th

The first flower of the year - a Crocus in our backyard. And the Hyacinth's are poking their heads out now. Yay! Spring is coming!!

Update on yesterday. Thought I'd share this:

Yesterday's picture of our girls was actually partially inspired by a photograph of Jill's great-grandmother, her sisters and her mom taken in the early 1890's. Jill's great grandmother, Carrie Foulkes-Blanz, is on the far right of this picture and her great-great grandmother, Mary Parker-Foulkes is on the far left. This picture was taken shortly after their arrival from Wales, if memory serves me. And, ironically, this Carrie was about the same age in this photograph as my sister Carrie when my sister died. The below picture is from 1910 and Carrie is in the middle - you can see why the sisters are so much taller than their mom when you see their dad, Peter, on the right! Carrie is in the middle with her son, Jill's grandfather, James. James passed away about 5 years before I met Jill - he was 72.

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