Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 76 - March 21st

First off, Jill's home! Yay! We are glad she went, though. She had a memorable time with her family and it was good. She got to spend some great time with her dad most of all.

Today was a decent day AND I had the day off. Incredible. This year, as of tomorrow, I will have had five entire days off of both jobs. It was June before I had that many days off last year. So I, of course, worked. I have four pictures today. The above is a picture of my miter saw. What would I do without that!?

This was my staging section - where I attached the clips to the bottom of the boards.

Here's a shot from underneath - showing the first boards attached to the table.

Here's the work in progress. I got this entire ring done today including final varnish. Well...not quite done. I got the next ring fully cut to size and marked for the clips. Then the sky turned gray and I could smell rain coming, so I packed up.

What is left on the inner ring? Well, tiny inconsistencies in the heights of the supports exaggerated to the top. So after I get the entire top built, I plan on planing or sanding it level smooth and re-varnishing. Maybe. That's the current tentative plan.

As for the center? I need a proper planer to finish that piece - it's a solid, large piece of teak wood that is rough smoothed. I have wanted a planer for a long time and we are considering allocating some of the tax refund for a mid-range one. Can't really justify the higher end one I really want. But we'll see. Weigh the advantages vs. unnecessary bells and whistles and see where it all shakes out.

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To a guy like me who has no man skills, this is like watching pictures of guys doing stuff with atoms and junk.