Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 182 - July 5th

The source of so much physical pain and agony. My right foot. Doesn't look like much, does it? Just a foot. Yet the simple act of putting on a shoe hurts. See how the pinky toe is curling under? That's one of the main sources of the problem. The left foot has it too, but the right one also has that giant wart/blister/whatever about 2 inches below the big toe on the bottom. Every day I work at the second job is pain. By the middle of my shift I'm limping noticeably and by the end I struggle to walk. My hips are starting to hurt because of the attempts to lesson the pressure on the foot.

I have a few leads on shoes. I'm hoping something comes of them. I plan on dedicating some time to once again research and attempt to get a pair of shoes that will save me. Even my sandals are now starting to hurt me a little and up until recently (as evidenced by the tan lines), they were the only footwear I could wear and not suffer.

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