Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 202 - July 25th

My last post for a short while - I fly to Miami in the morning and will be gone all week so won't have a way to upload or edit pictures. Plus I'm only bringing the iPhone, so not too much in the way of quality pictures while I'm gone. Although if I see a lot of sights I might buy a disposable camera.

Here is another undies shot of Peter. But where is he? What is he standing on?'s the rarely seen FLOOR of the girls room! Where did it come from? How is it so amazingly visible? Is all the stuff just shoved out of the picture?

Nope - Jill has been HARD at work in the kids rooms these past few days and made astounding progress in the girls room on Friday. She put her mind to it and blam! It looks wonderful.

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