Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interruptus Maximus

UGH! I am actually quite upset. The replacement motherboard for my computer came today. I VERY carefully assembled the computer - just the minimal parts needed to get into POST and SAME EXACT ERROR. Two weeks I waited for this motherboard. And I got the same bloody problem.

Computer powers up, less than half a second later powers down. Cycle repeats every 3 seconds. I'm having a hard time even googling this problem. I've swapped out the power supply - same problem. I assembled the motherboard on a cushion with no metallic contact - same problem. I swapped out the RAM - same problem. I swapped out the chip fan - same problem. Only thing I can't do is swap out the Intel i5-750 chip - I don't have another P55 slot chip.

This is freakin' beyond frustrating. FOUR WEEKS I've been down. Who knows how long now. If I return all the parts to NewEgg and buy a Dell, I'll take a couple hundred dollar "restocking" hit and that means I'll have to buy a smaller, less powerful computer. But what do I do? How do I fix this? UGH!

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