Friday, April 2, 2010

March - part 1

This is the first of several blog posts - I'll split it up with only 6-8 pictures per posting. I finally got my computer working! At first, when my computer went down, I tried keeping up on my picture per day. It wasn't easy without the accountability of posting daily (or nearly so). So instead of trying to post each day, I'm just going to pull the most relevant pictures off each camera starting with my K10d. I have 14 pics to show, I believe.

March 4th - before northern iowa (who shall remain uncapitalized) did their horrible deed to Kansas, we were still hopeful. This is our kitchen window.

March 5th - I liked this picture of pot stickers.

March 7th - a storm knocked over our greenhouse. Our little baby plants didn't stand a chance.

March 10th - a nice Peter picture.

March 12th - a storm destroyed one of my outdoor lamps. Then it hailed like crazy.

May 16th - my first attempt at rebuilding my computer. Turned out the motherboard was shorted out. First picture is the empty shell while the second is with the motherboard and everything installed.

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