Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 20 - Jan 24th

I went next door to my neighbors yard - she is away for the winter. I wanted to see if the storms caused any damage - which they did. One of her pergolas fell over and several plants look damaged.

I snapped these two photo's while over there. First is some moss growing on a concrete bench. I experimented with depth of field and focal point and liked this picture the most.

Then I spotted her concrete deer and snapped this picture.

I've been playing around with settings on my camera to change how it records colors/brightness/contrast, etc and so these pictures are unaltered except me adding the borders and the dates. I was pleased with how they came out.


blogzilly said...

Hey dude, how did you make your blog look so cool? Other than the photos of you, your family and your cool stuff I mean. I mean the layout. :)

Got a job finally, btw. Whew.

philnjill said...

Awesome news! Congratulations, Ken!!

I just used one of their templates, if memory serves me correctly. I went to my Dashboard, Layout, Choose New Template. I chose Minima Dark.