Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 18 - Jan 22nd

Three pictures today. The first is Peter stomping bubble wrap. This is a passion for him and he goes about it with zeal. We should really video tape it. He makes certain every bubble is popped - first by dancing frenetically on them and then carefully stomping each bubble and finally hand popping the stubborn ones. Then carefully throws it away.

Jill and I went out shopping - she bought seeds for the summer. Mostly heirloom ones. They were 40% off! Plus a soil test kit and some other garden goodies.

While she was doing that, I wandered out to the outside garden and saw this lonely set of last years statuary for sale. They are just beginning to set outside garden up for the spring, so these are all kind of against a wall looking like they had nowhere to go.


Laura said...

Heirloom seeds are 40% off at Fred Meyer?? Until when? I was just about to put in an order at, but perhaps I'll buy 'em at Freddies instead!

philnjill said...

On sale at least until Saturday...