Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daty 314 - Nov 14th

We took a break from the cleaning day to do a first - Jill wanted to try coloring her hair. Since she's never done it before, we thought we'd start with just a dark blond look - not too far off from her natural color but an attempt to cover her gray streaks. It ended up being met with only partial success. I think she's got some stubborn gray.

In other news - I'm reading a book on layers in Photoshop. I use them all the time, but there are two giant areas that I've been lacking in knowledge - blending modes and masks. I learned a new one last night - screen! Not the most intuitive name but WOW! What a difference. Remember our family picture?
That was as bright as I could figure out how to get it without intensive work. Now here is the same picture with a"screen" blended mode on top of it using the methods I learned in the book - took three clicks to accomplish:
I can't wait to read more of this book! Some very cool things I've learned already.

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