Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 308 - Nov 8th

On Saturday, I decided that on Sunday, I would do a mild remodel of the kids bathroom. So I did. I took down all the old towel racks, discarded the over the toilet shelf thing, repaired all the holes in the walls, used the sawzall to remove the tank from the toilet, removed all the fixtures and painted it. The color is difficult to tell but it's a light blue with a hint of green - Dutch Boy color "Fountain of Youth". It looks green in the picture - something with my light settings, but I don't really have time to muck with it. I'm waiting for the second coat to dry right now. I leave for work in one hour, so I hope to at least get the toilet reassembled before then :) I have to leave enough time to get paint out of my hair, off my hands, etc.

I found out...that I'm no longer that good at painting. I used to be not too bad - even assisted a professional at a couple jobs. But it's been a long, long time since I've painted. I think we might hire our friend Wendy when we do the kids rooms. She'd do a lot better job.

This is the first room we've painted in this house - and we've been here FIVE years!! We have got to get cracking on that.

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