Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 328 - Nov 18th

Trimmed the tree today. Kids LOVE that! It's always enjoyable getting out the ornaments and decorating the tree. In fact, when I came downstairs this morning, Sophia was actually lying under the tree with a pillow and blanket! We got out the Christmas books and the Christmas CD's/DVD's and all in all an enjoyable time.

Today another event happened - Jill and her family had an "end of life" call to discuss her parents wishes for their end of life. It was a good conversation, sometimes difficult, but necessary and good. It's not something anyone wants to happen, but it is something that happens to all of us and knowing Bill and Judy's wishes on a variety of topics and what arrangements have been already made and what still needs to be made is a good, good thing. I applaud their family for tackling that.

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