Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It is always a balancing act deciding what to do with ones limited time. And sometimes we put things off and it comes back and bites us. I feel extremely guilt ridden over something I kept putting off and now it's too late. The reason why I'm writing this here on the blog instead of directly on Facebook is that it relates to this blog in a way.

When Jill came back from her nice visit to Colorado, I put off downloading the pictures off her camera. Just didn't take the time. And the kids took a lot more pictures - including some great spring shots. And I kept putting it off. I've taught others how to download pictures, but I haven't "trained" them - so it's not something that is remembered. It falls to me. And I failed.

Because the camera glitched this morning and wiped it's SD card clean. Several months of memories recorded gone. I cannot accurately explain how horrid this makes me feel. It is my fault, primarily, and I do not like it. I screwed up and procrastinated and the results are not repairable. I cannot recreate the trip to Colorado. I cannot recreate spring. I cannot recreate anything that was on there.

The depth of my sorrow is...well...deep.


Alyce Dreewes said...

devastating. i've done that before. yuck.
once we had some sucess with downloading a data recovery program for sd cards... i always imagine I will be more careful now, but it's not always the case.

blogzilly said...

That SUCKS dude. I totally feel for you. In the digital age, photography is great, but the danger of losing things is very, very real.

After reading this? I just ordered a new second external hard drive to double back-up everything.

Sorry man...