Monday, May 24, 2010

May 22 2010

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary!! YAY!

Jill and I left early so we could drive north to Anacortes, WA and catch the ferry over to San Juan island. It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the time to ourselves and knowing that the kids were well taken care of in our absence led to a very relaxing trip. We took the ferry over, enjoying the beautiful views of Orcas and Lopez island and then the marina of Friday Harbor on San Juan. We ate a delicious lunch at the Bluewater Grill and then wandered the marina. We met Popeye, the female one-eyed resident Sea Lion. Very friendly!

We also saw some other sea life amongst the beautiful yachts. Some anemone's clinging to the docks, lots of jellyfish and some scavenger shrimp. We also saw a lot of stunning boats, yachts, you name it. And that sea smell and sounds and views was so nice.

We drove to the north end of the island, first stopping by English camp. Way back in 1867, the US and Britain were on the verge of war over the islands and the British had setup their soldiers on the north half while the US soldiers occupied the southern half. We decided to visit the English half on Saturday (never did make it to the American camp). We got out and there was an older gentleman taking a picture of his wife at this sign with his cell phone. He asked Jill to take a picture of the two of them together at the sign. Turns out, he MADE that sign 25 years ago. He was the stone mason who put it all together. And his wife? They were newlyweds - she being 103 years old and blind. He called her his "lovely lady". He took her arm after she felt his stonework and carefully walked her to the car. It was very sweet!

The original English gardens are still maintained, although most of the buildings are long gone. They did have a photograph of the English gardens, with that guard house in it and a tall masted British ship moored to the now-gone dock. The picture was from the 1870's.
We then went to Roche Harbor, a resort on the north end of the island where you can look SOUTH to Canada. Roche Harbor used to be one of the top lime producing plants in the US, so the old brick work was all still there. I took this nice picture of my beautiful wife. Then she suggested the picture of the kilns.

We ate a REALLY delicious dinner at a restaurant called Pablitos Taqueria, which advertises "Gringo Loco" style food. Oh man was the lamb curry awesome. Then we spent the night at the Orcas room of the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast. NICE. We didn't get to use the private hot tub - it hadn't heated up - but we very much enjoyed the night nonetheless!! Here's the sunset from our balcony.

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