Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23, 2010

On Sunday, our day started out with a wonderful breakfast at the Harrison House. Fresh fruit, homemade granola cereal, grits with salsa, fresh lamb sausage and a poached egg on top followed by a really good coffee cake. After that, we drove back to Roche Harbor for our 3-hour 9+mile Kayak tour. Started out by snapping a picture over my shoulder of my bride gearing up. Jill had control of the rudder in our kayak.

Just outside of the harbor, we saw this bald eagle watching the water. Later he/she was seen soaring majestically over the water.

The guide spotted these two sea lion's sunning themselves on a rock. They have to sun for 8 hours a day or they have trouble digesting their food, which weakens their immune system. No humans are allowed within 100 meters of a sunning sea lion in Washington state, so we had to be careful not to drift too close.

One of the cool things I call "tree sculptures" from the wind.

I snapped this photo of the rest of our group. Four other tourists and three guides.

Our lead guy was fascinated by the fact that my Pentax is waterproof, so he asked if he could take a few shots with it. He snapped this photo of us. This was before it got real sunny and I found out I should've listened to my wife and applied more sunscreen. See those large patches of skin on either side of my widows peak? Yeah, they are red today.

After the kayak trip was over, we ate at the Roche Harbor cafe. I had a delicious Asian salad while Jill had what she declared was the best fish and chips she's ever eaten. The halibut was lightly battered and fell apart in your mouth. The fries were crispy in a way we've not had before. YUM.

Afterwards, we drove down the west side of the island, hoping to see some whales. Alas, we did not, but I took this neat photo of a lighthouse. I thought I was focused on the lighthouse but I'm pleasantly happy with the fact I wasn't.

We then drove to Friday Harbor to get in line for the ferry. Had some ice cream and Jill had a Chai latte while we waited. And I fell asleep. Ferry ride home where we played Pente on a table and each won about half the games and we giggled a lot. Ate dinner at a burger place that brings your food out to your car. Then got home exhausted around 9 pm! What a fun weekend!!

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