Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 102 - April 16th

I'm going to do a series of "enemies of the lawn". Today's also includes two cute kids playing in the beautiful sun - Sophia is singing loudly a song she made up called "It's Sunny Today" - I know, odd for those that don't live in cloudier areas :)

Todays enemy is snow. Well...not exactly. It's really crappy developers. The developer who did our property put about 1" of good topsoil on top of about 3 feet of crap fill put on the original grade. The fill is a little bit of dirt mixed into rocks, it appears. And is hard stuff.

So when I shoveled that intense snow this winter (see a picture below), I didn't realize the snowmelt would not soak into the topsoil but instead go down about an inch and then drown the roots. Plus, the enormous weight had already crushed the grass, exposing the tender hibernating roots. I have these large, dead expanses throughout my front lawn. If I had the money, I'd rent a sod cutter and rip out about the top six inches of my entire lawn and replace it. But, alas, there are other, higher priorities.

Here's a picture of the snow from a few days before Christmas:


Stryder Wolfe said...

the dead grass parts make it look like toronto....I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it...i don't know what it is but our grass suffers a lot...

blogzilly said...

If you saw my lawn you'd flip much room to do great things and nothing is done. It is probably the plainest, simplest, ugliest yard in the neighborhood.

I need guidance, no idea even where to begin to fix it.