Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 107 - April 21st

So yesterday I mentioned the peonies and how happy I was they came up this year. Another "rescue from the bargain bin" has been our carnation plants. Doesn't he look happy in that photograph?

When I first started dating Jill, the mutual friend who introduced us, Sharon, pulled me aside and asked if I had gotten her flowers yet. Being profoundly clueless at the time, I wondered "Why?" but decided to follow her advice. She told me Jill's favorite flowers were carnations.

So they were and so they still are. And Sharon gave wonderful advice :)

We had three big ol' carnation plants from a couple years ago that were amongst the victims of the snow. So when I saw these six plants sitting in the garden centers clearance bays (their sins being their blooms were no longer perky), they appealed to me. And the price of $2 each REALLY appealed to me. So I bought and planted.

Five of the six are doing wonderfully. They have new flowers and smell wonderful. The sixth is doing well, just no new blooms - but I hold out hope! I love bargain bin rescues!
On another note, I saw something last night at Fred Meyer that tugged at my heart strings. I see a lot of tattoo's and piercings and very little of it bothers me (except in the center of the lower lip - for some reason that one bugs me). But I saw a tattoo last night on the back right shoulder of a mom and it choked me up a bit so I wanted to share it.

It was a tattoo of a tiny foot with the little boys name under it and the date of his birth ... and the date of his death just a few weeks later.

For those that don't know, our lost one we named Charlie. We don't talk too much about that, but that tattoo brought up some mighty powerful emotions in me.
Ah yes, and I forgot to mention a little update. Back a while ago, I posted pictures of Alexander's fish, Fin. Unfortunately, Fin "moved on" and is no longer amongst the living fishes. We had bought four more little fish and also unfortunately, one of those isn't doing so hot either.

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