Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 115 - April 29th

These pictures make us happy :)

Let me explain: way back when we first started looking to move - late 2003, early 2004, we came to this development. The streets were laid out, the properties roughed out. I think maybe one or two houses had been started at the other end. We liked it and the price was right. We had some "requirements" - like we didn't want neighbors behind us - we wanted to back onto the greenbelt. We got on the waiting list.

We got the call that four properties on the green belt had opened up and we were first on the list and could choose which one we wanted. We looked at each one, carefully weighing the pro's and con's. We settled on this lot we have now - with a huge slope in the back - one of the biggest in the entire development. If you don't know, I have a degree in Architecture. So I tend to visualize a final result when the ground is just dirt, rocks and weeds. And when I looked at that hill behind us, what I saw was a series of terraces with the lowest one being the widest and hosting fruit trees. I didn't know how many, I didn't know dimensions, I just knew what WAS. That was March 2004 or so.

I didn't actually build those terraces until the summer of 2005 - an intense summer of a lot of yard work (and a lot of $$ expenditures!). We planted the fruit trees in early 2006. The big trees were plum, apple and pear. You can see them when they were first planted here. Last year, when they were two years old, we got a couple of apples.

Well, look at them now! The pear and apple trees are what these pictures are of! Lots of blooms!! The plum tree only had a few, but we should get an abundance of pears and apples this year. YAY! It's been five years since I first had that vision of heavy laden fruit trees and this year it looks like it will finally come to pass.

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