Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 92 - April 6th

Another wonderful day. After work, got quite a bit more done on the table. Outer edge of the table is complete. Then I mocked up the seats. Why? You may not know this, but I'm making this thing up as I go along. I found some similar plans, but the whole thing is really my custom design.

And I had only the vaguest idea of how I was going to do the seats. So, I began experimenting with scrap lumber until I finally settled on some dimensions, then cut the scrap lumber to size and did this mock-up. I was happy with it. Had Jill test it out. She was happy with it.

So then I cut all the exterior pieces (the interior seat pieces will be custom fit to each one to make certain they line up). I also cut all the bottom supports and the 15-1/2 inch high vertical supports. Then I varnished them all except one side. Tomorrow, I'm hoping the varnish will be dry over lunch so we can flip the table over and attach both the bottom supports and the vertical supports. Then I'll varnish anything I can (some of the lumber is still wet from the store and needs to air dry for a couple days).

By the way, lumber is expensive. That's $147 in lumber leaning against the house - five 2x6's and 8 2x4's. Yikes.

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