Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 41 - Feb 10th

Due to my mom being in the hospital in December, she couldn't get out the Christmas presents then. We received them this day and it was a blast - Christmas in February! One of the gifts was a microphone that "chipmunked" your voice - they've had a lot of fun with that one! She sent some winter gear - which we were really hoping to use this Friday, Feb 12th, to go to the mountains and go tubing, but the weather just has not cooperated! While the rest of the country is giving their snow shovels a workout, we aren't! The weather up at the pass? Mid 30's, raining and wet mooshy snow. Blah.

If we get a good cold snap some weekend, we'll try then. I'm keeping my eyes open!

In the meantime, thanks mom! The gifts were well appreciated!

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