Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 42 - Feb 11th

I've been really buried at work for over two months. Every spare moment, it seems, has been spent on clients. So I took two days off to relax, sleep in and get some things done. Including my car battery. My battery has been giving me fits for a while but I've simply had no time to spare to change it. I discovered that whomever designed the battery compartment of my car had long, skinny hands, four different contortionist socket sizes and a rather sadistic streak. It took a long time to extract the existing battery. Then I put in the new, very powerful battery. And I still don't think I've got the negative terminal hooked up properly. And the bracket that holds the fuse box snapped when I was reattaching it, so I have to deal with that soon as well!

But the car actually starts and does so in a way it hasn't in quite a while, so that's nice!

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