Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52 - Feb 21st

I had a project today. Down in our fruit tree area, when we first planted it I made a critical mistake. I planted four strawberry plants. They've since grown to cover the entire 60 plus foot long area and produce an enormous amount of strawberries, but they keep creeping and have gone up to the walkway above them. And there is no where to walk in the fruit tree area without stepping on them.

So today I started the process of making a walkway. I'm just laying down newspaper and covering it with bark. It's a short term solution, but I got the bark for a bargain, so might as well use it!

Peter came by while I was doing this and saw me start to shovel onto a newspaper that had a picture of Lindsey Vonn on the cover skiing. He was very concerned and asked me "Daddy, you don't like the Olympics anymore?" (We've been watching a lot of them) When I asked why he said that, his response was that I was "burying the Olympics". It was pretty cute.

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