Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 - Feb 15th

Lydia has a couple strengths illustrated here.

First she (and Maranda) are both highly skilled at Microsoft Word. They can do some amazing things with that program! Setting up columns, creating graphs, inserting and manipulating images, inserting form controls. Those two are good at it. Not too long ago, Jill had a copy of a math page and Lydia duplicated it in no time in Word - it was quite impressive.

Second, Lydia has a natural inclination to teach. So we encourage that. She created a two page "quiz" for Sophia testing her math, reading, writing and comprehension. It was well done! And Sophia enjoyed doing it because she loves doing school work and is really blooming on her reading.

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Breanna said...

This is such a cool idea Phil! It is so fun to see everyone growing up and read about your family! We miss you guys!

Many blessings!