Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 49 - Feb 18th

Had a little bit of excitement last night at work. See that empty spot in the upper corner? That's where a KitchenAid mixer used to be. One of my coworkers, Joe, spotted a jittery suspicious looking guy carrying it by the spider tag and walking towards the door. Sure enough, he doesn't even slow down, just runs out the door. Spider tag goes off - loudly - and Joe follows to watch. Easy enough to follow - the spider makes a lot of noise. Guy runs across the highway - the box is heavy - across the railroad tracks and into the bushes separating the railroad tracks with an apartment complex. Joe is on the phone with the police the whole time.

Guy stops to smash the spider tag with a rock or something. It's wailing is giving him away. But, it allows a few officers to position themselves for when he comes out of the bushes. He's ditched his coat and the merchandise in the bushes, but he's easy enough to identify - he's exhausted for one thing and another he's high as a kite on something. Turns out he's got 4-5 outstanding warrants for his arrest. Bring in Joe to identify. Bring in the dog to sniff the suspect - dog goes into the bushes and finds the coat and merchandise with his scent all over them.

Buh-bye suspect.

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