Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 150 - June 3rd

Day 150! I spent all my spare time on Wednesday building the shed. First, I had to get the foundation area level. That's the first picture. Then I built. And built. And built. Just as the sun was setting, Jill asked how it was going to fit through the gate and I panicked. I imagined having to lift it over the fence somehow (it is short, but it is HEAVY). But I measured the width and my gate is 1 inch wider than the shed! Whew!

Saying a quick prayer for my friend Ken and his family: may the brain doctors find out what is up with Bennett today! And give you good news! Let's hope beyond hope that his seizures can be diagnosed. And I'm very thankful that Sophie's family is there to support you.

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blogzilly said...

Thanks dude. We kind of didn't end up where we wanted, but it wasn't entirely ruled out that he could have surgery either. Very complicated. So looks like June is gonna be a repeat of the frustrations of May.