Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 156 - June 9th

Strawberry Fields, Forever...I know where that song is coming from. Some years ago, I planted four or five strawberry plants in the ground surrounding our fruit trees. I now recommend to EVERYONE to only plant strawberry plants in containers. Why? Because those few little plants now cover an area roughly 60 feet long and 14 feet wide. They are persistent. Last year, I weed whacked them to the ground. Apparently that was a challenge - so they decided to do better this year. We tell the kids - go and eat and/or pick as many as you possibly can. More the merrier. We won't run out.
As I was approaching, this critter leaped from the Strawberry Fields where apparently he had been enjoying himself. Have at it, dude! I've only got about eight or nine hundred more strawberries.

Good news, bad news.

Good news. GREAT news. Fantastic news! My mom had her mammogram last week - six months after her chemo stopped. And they found...nothing! YAY! That's so wonderful!

Bad news. I took three days off next week from the primary job. Why? To build the playset I ordered last week. I figured a week and a half was enough lead time. I called them today because it hasn't shipped yet. It may not ship until Friday. Ground. From the East Coast. I may not have the boxes until AFTER my three days off! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I'm not too happy about that.

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Laura said...

Too many strawberries is never a bad thing! Hop in the car and take a road trip to Renton and we'll happily take them off your hands. :)