Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 162 - June 15th

Why, today, do I have a picture of my laptop showing a photograph from a company newsletter?

Because this is the attachment that was one of the last emails from our former executive secretary, Cindy, before she went on to a different job. One of the items in the newsletter were pictures of the staff back at the corporate office in their Halloween garb. This was Cindy's.

Cindy and her two children were murdered yesterday by Cindy's husband. He then shot himself.

I didn't work with Cindy on a daily basis like my coworkers in Lake Mary, Florida did. But everytime I did, I found Cindy as a vivacious, energetic woman dedicated to her family and striving to do her best. She loved her kids a tremendous amount. She had an easy laugh and a wonderful personality. I am impacted by her violent death and I know my coworkers in Florida are reeling from it.

It's a horrible, terrible tragedy that I find hard to put into words.

Although I doubt it will happen, if any news agencies or blogs or anybody stumbles upon this, please do not post this anywhere else out of respect for the family. I wanted to post something and I trust this is ok. Her family and friends have a long ways to go to reconcile this and I would want to do nothing to dishonor any of that.


blogzilly said...

Oh my that is a tragedy. How awful.

Laura said...

OMG, that is terrible. So sorry about your former coworker, brother. :(