Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 164 - June 17th

Taking a couple days vacation from the day job and the project for the day is rectifying one of my biggest regrets about this house - the lack of a light over the sink. My electrical wiring knowledge is rusty, so I kept making a silly noob mistake and blowing the circuit, but a quick reference to an electrical guide got me to say "D'oh!" and do it right. We now have a nice light over the sink. The wife is VERY pleased :)

Went to the doctor today about my aching feet. I call them blisters, but the doctor said they actually aren't blisters, they aren't warts, they aren't anything medically definable he knows of. So I have to go to a podiatrist. That's this Tuesday.

I was originally taking these three days off to build the play set for the kids, but it's not here yet! :(

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blogzilly said...

Holy SHIT...I need to just go start getting fitted for a dress now. You have officially made me realize I am a chick.