Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 153 - June 6th

A BIG day!! We moved shed #1. We borrowed a couple of dollies from our friend Carmen and we found out that happily, it weighed much less than originally thought - only a couple hundred pounds instead of the 4 or 5 hundred I thought. So I lifted it up on the dollies and we began moving it on plywood planks. Until we got to the gate. Where we found out that the roof was wider than the gate. So with Maranda and mom on the back, Lydia and Alexander stabilizing it on the sides and me on the back, we LIFTED it over the fence. Sophia was going to take pictures, but got this picture of a chocolate stained Peter with an incidental pic of Jill and Maranda lifting the shed in the back! (that's the snake bucket on the other side of Peter).

Here's the photo of us rolling it along. I seem to take up a lot of space.....

Here's the shed in it's final location! Time to build shed #2!

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