Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 128 - May 12th

I went to a client today and on the way home, snapped this picture of our local Starbucks. I liked the light and cloud effects.

Today I heard something no one ever likes to hear from a Doctor..."It's probably nothing, but we'd like to run some more tests." It was an optical doc. I hadn't been to the eye doctor in a few years and knew my prescription was outdated - I found out my right eye is weaker on both distance and close up. Then he looked at my optical nerves and saw some discrepancies. So in two weeks, I have to go in for an in-depth glaucoma test. It's really not the test nor the prospect that jeebs me out - it's the eye drops. ::::shudder:::::

I also heard a wonderful thing about a Doctor. My brother, Brian (or Dr. Reasoner as the folks in central Texas know him) is coming to Seattle for some medical thingie in July! YAY! I haven't seen my brother in years.

Today was 5-12. A somber date for about a billion people as they reflect that it was one year ago today that an 8.0 earthquake devastated parts of Sichuan County, China. We have friends over there and listening to Wai tell the stories of what he saw as part of the relief effort chilled us to the bone. Over 69,000 people lost their lives.

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