Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 133 - May 17th

These are Jill and my hands holding last nights tickets to Celtic Woman. We had SUCH a good time. Even though we were in the very, very last row of the Paramount Theater - row Z! But they were simply amazing. Especially Máiréad. WOW. For those who may not have seen nor heard of them, check out this youtube video which is an ad for the show we went and saw. These women are just .... awesome.

Máiréad is phenomenal to watch. Seeing someone spin around and around while furiously and flawlessly playing the fiddle is something you have to see to believe. Here is a youtube video of her playing at Slane Castle. The two amazing drummers in this video were also in the show we watched and were mind blowing with their skills, too.

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blogzilly said...

Celtic Woman is spectacular. Never seen them live, but watched a couple of concerts on television. That would be an awesome show.