Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 140 - May 24th

Today I had the whole day off! Since my original Memorial Day weekend project was postponed, I decided to do #3 of the gravel consumers - the fountain area! Here is Alexander helping me with the drainage pipe. Our neighbor to the north has a higher property than ours, so whenever she waters heavily, it kind of floods parts of our yard. So I put in 20 feet of drainage pipe.

Here's how the site looked this morning.

First thing I did, after spending an hour and a half shopping at Lowe's, was the drain above. Then the repair of the electrical outlet. It had been damaged beyond repair by some child at some point last year. I snipped the old one off and wired in a new outlet to plug the multi-outlet timer into. Then with Maranda and Alexander's help, hung the trellis behind that will support the Clematis. Then built the east retaining wall.

Then I began mocking out the placement of the three fountains. I had found these bowls at Lowe's that fit perfectly in the holes in the tops of the Easter Island guys heads. It looks a little odd, but it'll work. We found a large crack in our main fountain - it was damaged while in storage over the winter :( I'll caulk it and fix it up tomorrow morning. After a couple of mock ups and getting Jill's opinion, we settled on this arrangement. I love my little penguins :)

Then I stripped all the sod off the area and now in about an hour, Jill and I are going out to a dinner and a movie to celebrate our anniversary :) Tomorrow I should make huge progress on finishing up the fountain area. I need a few more supplies, but we are getting close to finishing project #3 of the season!

Oh, I should relate a funny story. Peter (our 3-1/2 year old) came up and we had this conversation:
Peter: "Are you building the fountain?"
Daddy: "Yes, I am."
Peter: "Can we pee in it?"
Daddy: ".....uh, no you cannot pee in the fountain."
Peter: "Then what is it for?"


blogzilly said...

Good Lord, I wish I had one tenth of your Man Skills. Is there a Man Skills class I can take?

philnjill said...

Ken, you are still a stud in my book. You've got some amazing skills yourself! I wish I could draw 1/20th as good as you.