Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 147 - May 31st

After I had been working outside for a couple of hourse, the sun had moved sufficiently into my workspace that I was starting to overheat a bit. So I took a break and grabbed my camera. I decided to take a picture of one of my valuable tools - the groundbreaker. I could not have done most of my yard projects without this tool and frankly, I have no idea where I got it.

I cannot remember how long I've had it nor how it came into my possession. Did I have it in our Ballard house? No clue. I think I did. Just goes to show you that sometimes, the things that are most useful and/or indespensible are right in front of our faces and we don't even notice.

I have it balanced on two of the many, many rocks I've dug up today. The one under the blade part has a chunk missing where I knocked it out with the groundbreaker. It revealed some crystal like rock whose name slips my mind. In the background are all the other tools I've been using today.


blogzilly said...

In the background, it looks like there is an Invisible Man wearing gloves holding that grey thing.

philnjill said...

How do you think I get so much done?!? Without my invisible man helper, I would be so far behind :)

Those are the handles to my wheel barrow. The gloves hang there nicely so they stay out of the dirt.

blogzilly said...

Still...super interesting that they are just hanging there.