Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 138 - May 22nd

I was wondering if today's picture should be of the jewelry I gave Jill in celebration of our 19th wedding anniversary today. But I decided on this picture instead. Why? Because Lydia took it. She's been pretty ill all week - strep throat plus an ear infection and finally felt good enough today to get out and about. So she went picture taking - mostly of birds, but some of the strawberry plants and their little baby strawberries.

Happy Anniversary, my love. It just gets better and better every year :)


Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!!

BTW, does the fact that you have new glasses (and didn't mention anything to suggest otherwise) mean that you got the all-clear on glaucoma?

philnjill said...

The glaucoma test is this coming Tuesday. I don't know if they'll know for sure right away.

The prescription is because I was bad and hadn't gone in for a new one in a LONG time.