Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 28 - Feb 1st

Today I finished up building the garden tables for our outside garden. Man, that's tough when it's only 34 degrees outside. I built 48 tables total - they were broken completely down, so each table has 10 sets of bolts with 20 washers and 10 nuts.

For my first hour today, I had to ferry stuff in from the storage location, which is all muddy and filled with old leaves. By the end of the hour, my forehead was numb with the cold. Here's the forklift I used to bring in loads.

Here's a picture right towards the end. They'd already started populating the tables with Valentines plants. All these got moved to the opposite end - the tables in the foreground are the ones out in the open and are for herbs.

I'm so physically exhausted, I think I'll go to bed at 8 tonight.

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