Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interlude 2

My friend David's obituary has been posted here.


In the late 80's and early 90's, we lost six people close to us - first my friend Ron committed suicide for no known reason. Then my dad's dad passed away just three weeks later. One year later, we gathered around the bed of my dad's mom on the day before Christmas Eve, 1988 and said goodbye. Almost one year later, Jill's paternal grandmother passed away. In Feb 1991, my mom's mom passed away and I never got to say goodbye. Then in May 1991, my sister, Carrie, was murdered (I know some people who argue that it wasn't murder, but they've never had anyone close so brutally cut down by a drunk driver before). And just a few years ago, Kraig Keller, a friend in his 30's and in peak health died suddenly from colon cancer. Jill's maternal grandmother passed away three years ago just days after her 95th birthday. And now David is gone.

It just never gets easier, does it? Time does not heal all wounds, it just forms a scab. I still ache from the loss of my sister. People think I don't drink alcohol because of religion or something. No. It's how I honor the memory of Carrie in my own way. I don't condemn or try to stop anyone else from drinking - although I do offer myself as a designated driver whenever the opportunity arises.

To Shelley, Gabe, Sam and Nate: my heart grieves with you. David was a talented musician, a gifted intellectual and the world is a better place for his 49 years here. All of us who knew his gentle spirit will miss him.

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blogzilly said...

All the best Phil...really bad news.