Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 50 - Feb 23rd

Tonight I gave Jill what I called an "anti-date" - after dinner, I took all five kids to shop so Jill could get things done without kids underfoot. We were gone for nearly three hours which gave Jill some wonderful focus time.

One of my main goals was to get a new pair of shoes for the Fred Meyer job - mine has big holes in them. I have kind of squarish feet so normal shoes smash my pinky toes. When I first started at FM, I didn't realize this and the shoes I wore gave me enormous blisters - my pinky toes each had blisters half the size of the toes. I had to have six surgeries to correct them. I was limping so badly that customers still ask me if my feet are doing ok - and I haven't had an issue in about a year. I seriously considered using a cane last winter. I would cry at night from the pain.

And shoes wear out quickly. My mom bought me a pair last time she was in town, but those now are on their last legs. So I'm picky about my shoes. I finally found a pair at Kohl's that fit the bill - slip resistant, black, squarish toes, extra wide. But they didn't have my size two weeks ago. Tonight I found them! And for half price. Gotta love that.

Also bought Jill two pairs of slippers on clearance - a winter pair and summer pair. Bought Alexander a goldfish at the awesome pet store near Kohl's.

It was a good night.


blogzilly said...

Imagining you taking 5 kids out on the town is staggering to never cease to amaze. I have yet never taken both kids on my own anywhere.

Laura said...

You should have bought two pairs of shoes so you'd have a backup ready when those wear out!

BTW - I think it's great that you took the kids out to give Jill some time alone. Everybody needs 'me' time! :)

philnjill said...

I'm going to try them out for a week or two and if they are good, I'm going to go pick up at least one more pair. Especially if they are still on sale :)