Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 33 - Feb 6th

This week has been about finances. Trying to get the taxes ready - plan on finalizing tomorrow after work. I finally decided to try and tackle something that has been bugging me for years - my stock option/purchase plan from my former job. You see, I've used Microsoft Money to track all our expenses for 13 years now. But the way it handles investments has always baffled me a little bit. Add into that the fact that my former company SPLIT into two different companies, with completely different methods of dividends and it's been a headache. I printed everything out and it still doesn't make sense to me...I probably spent two hours working on it today and feel like I made no headway.

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blogzilly said...

Yikes, finances. We lost 37K last year in all our investments. Sucks.